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Current Issue: 28.2

Front cover 28.2

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Each listed issue includes contents and availability. A printable list of the contents for all issues is available in the abcumulativeindex28.2.

Volume 28.1
Volume 27.2
Volume 27.1
Volume 26.2
Volume 26.1
Volume 25.2
Volume 25.1
Volume 24.2
Volume 24.1
Volume 23.2

Volume 23.1

Volume 22.2
Volume 22.1
Volume 21.2
Volume 21.1 Special Topic: Epistolarity in the Twenty-First Century
Volume 20.2
Volume 20.1
Volume 19.1 & 2 Combined Issue: Life Writing and The Generations
Volume 18.2 Special Topic: Adoption Life Writing:  Origins and Other Ghosts
Volume 18.1
Volume 17.2
Volume 17.1 Special Topic: Private Lives/Public Texts: Women’s Diary Literature
Volume 16.2
Volume 16.1 Special Topic: Remembered Lives
Volume 15.2 Special Topic: Autobiographical Que(e)ries
Volume 15.1 Special Topic: Autobiographical Que(e)ries
Volume 14.2
Volume 14.1 Special Topic: Extremities: Memoirs at the Fin de Siècle
Volume 13.2
Volume 13.1 Special Topic: Autobiography and Neuroscience
Volume 12.2 Special Topic: Cross-Cultural Autobiography
Volume 12.1
Volume 11.2 Special Topic: Rethinking Russian Autobiography
Volume 11.1
Volume 10.2
Volume 10.1 Special Topic: Terms of Identity: Essays on the Theoretical Terminology of Lifewriting
Volume 9.2 Special Topic: Canons and Traditions
Volume 9.1
Volume 8.2 Special Topic: Feminist Biography
Volume 8.1
Volume 7.2 Special Topic: Native American Identities and Autobiography
Volume 7.1
Volume 6.2 Special Topic: Autobiography and Mysticism
Volume 6.1 Special Topic: Illness, Disability, and Lifewriting
Volume 5.2 Special Topic: Constructing the Subject in Nineteenth-Century Autobiography
Volume 5.1 Special Topic: The Therapeutic Dimension of Autobiography
Volume 4.2
Volume 4.1 Special Topic: Studies in Women’s Autobiography
Volume 3.4 Special Topic: Mexican Autobiography
Volume 3.3 Special Topic: Twentieth-Century American Autobiography
Volume 3.2 Special Topic: Multi-Cultural American Autobiography
Volume 3.1 Special Topic: French and German Autobiography
Volume 2.4 Special Topic: Romantic Autobiography & Biography
Volume 2.3 Special Topic: Afro-American Autobiography
Volume 2.2 Special Topic: Diaries
Volume 2.1
Volume 1

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