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“The Process: Poetic Re-Presentation as Social Responsibility in a Collaborative Documentary” by Paola Bilbrough

“Auto/biographical Ethics: The Case of The Shoebox” by Janet Elizabeth Marles

“‘I’ve spent a lot of time looking at these images’: The ‘Viewing’ ‘I’ in Contemporary Autobiographical Documentary” by Leah Anderst

“Performing Identifications, Queering Autobiography: Reading Mark Dendy’s Dream Analysis” by Alison Bory

“Ekphrasis as an Analytical Mode in Biography: Finding Vida Lahey’s Romantic ‘Character’” by Sue Lovell

“Crossing Boundaries: Authority, Knowledge, and Experience in the Autobiography Vida y sucesos de la monja alférez by Sonia Pérez Villanueva


Rev. of Writing the Lives of Painters: Biography and Artistic Identity in Britain 1760-1810 by Karen Junod

Reviewed by Daniel Vuillermin

Rev. of Teaching Olaudah Equiano’s Narrative: Pedagogical Strategies and New Perspectives Ed by Eric Lamore.

Reviewed by Lynn a. Casmier-Paz

Rev. of Borrowed Tongues: Life Writing, Migration, and Translation by Eva C. Karpinski

Reviewed by Anastasia Christou

Rev. of American Autobiography by Rachel McLennan

Reviewed by Laura Laffrado

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